• How does infrared work?

    Infrared heating systems emit electromagnetic waves that heat objects directly without heating the surrounding air. They work by transferring heat through radiation, similar to the rays that are produced by the sun.

  • Room sizing

    To ensure efficient heating of the room, our experts have calculated that 25 Watts are needed for each cubic meter. For example, for a room of 56 cubic meters, the calculation would be 56 cubic meters x 25 Watts, equal to 1400 Watts. It is therefore advisable to choose a heating panel with a power approximately close to the calculated one. It is advisable to round up.

  • Ask our experts for a free consultation

    If you find these calculations complicated or are afraid of making mistakes, we are here to help. Contact us on WhatsApp at +39 3930502536 and provide the dimensions (length, width and height) of the room or rooms in which you wish to install the heating panels. We will provide you with personalized advice for an optimal solution.

  • What if I want it with a printed pattern?

    It's even simpler! During the purchase, just tell us the name of the product or send us a photo of our catalogue, which you can find in the link below. Alternatively, you can send us a photo of your choice, even one from your last family holiday. Remember that, to obtain the best result, the photo must have at least a resolution of 300 dpi.

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