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Reliability and ease of use: these are the key words of the line ADVANCE . The panel is a real ace in the hole thanks to its 4 wash cycles and an automatic drain cycle (with drain pump installed). On the control panel it is possible to easily view the temperature of the tank and boiler, the system messages Self-diagnosis , the warning Scheduled maintenance and the intelligent Start button , which by changing color always shows the status of the dishwasher with great simplicity. The simple and extremely effective electronic card gives the possibility of setting and controlling the rinsing and draining times, the washing and rinsing temperatures and the relative Thermostops, which are essential for guaranteeing an excellent washing result.

The hood dishwasher CH100 it is the right solution for businesses that have to deal with washing different types of dishes, proving capable of washing glasses, plates, medium-sized objects and GN 1/1 trays in just 620mm of width, guaranteeing maximum productivity of 60 baskets/hour (1080 dishes/hour). The hood models are equipped with an easily removable basket support for easy cleaning and a rounded molded tank with integral filters , to guarantee perfect drainage and absolute hygiene. The cycle start system “PUSH TO START ” ensures less waste, preventing starting washes empty.

The double dispenser of electric detergent and rinse aid installed as standard, it guarantees maximum hygiene with every wash cycle with great savings; the molded washing and rinsing impellers instead they ensure reliability and durability over time. The bodywork is entirely intact AISI 304 steel and has been designed with all the components in the front part to allow a easy assistance by the technician. Robust and reliable dishwashers to better face every moment of your day.


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