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The dishwashers of the line ELITECH guarantee maximum performance thanks to the Acquatech System installed as standard which, via an atmospheric boiler and a rinse pump, maintains constant temperature and pressure and optimal water consumption. Elitech ensures a sanitizing rinse cycle and proves to be the perfect choice for canteens, retirement homes, pastry shops, bakeries and butchers where compliance with HACCP rules is essential. For those seeking glass perfection, it is possible to connect a Reverse Osmosis System which purifies the water and reduces the consumption of detergent and rinse aid, ensuring excellent results and perfect glasses without the need for manual drying.
The innovative UNIKO touch-screen display in tempered glass makes any operation simple and intuitive, from choosing the most suitable wash cycle to checking its progress, as well as giving the possibility of always monitoring the status of the dishwasher with ease. The great variety of wash cycles makes the dishwasher customizable according to your every need. Constant self-diagnosis allows machine downtime to be reduced to a minimum by alerting the technician in real time thanks to the control system Wi-Fi IKLOUD which gives the possibility of acting remotely to modify the dishwasher parameters and resolve the situation in real-time.

Model EL42E it is suitable for washing cups, glasses, saucers and plates (using the appropriate basket) with a useful passage of up to 315mm. The addition of the Ad System Reverse Osmosis , suitable detergents and the inclined basket is the right answer for all rooms where the perfection of the glass and automatic drying are indispensable elements.

The electronic control allows you to manage various parameters to give you an absolute level of customization and the continuous self-diagnosis allows you to reduce machine downtime to a minimum by already suggesting some operations to check. The self-cleaning cycle at the end of the day allows you to clean the wash tank and empty the boiler of hot water, thus preventing limescale formation inside. The double peristaltic electric detergent and rinse aid dispenser installed as standard guarantees maximum results from each wash cycle with great savings thanks to the precise dosage managed by the electronic card; the molded washing and rinsing impellers instead ensure great reliability and durability over time. The function Thermostop check that washing and rinsing only begin once the desired temperature has been reached. The bodywork is entirely made of steel AISI 304 and has been designed with all the components on the front to allow easy assistance by the technician.


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