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OVEN - Electronic iDeck

OVEN - Electronic iDeck

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iDeck, the static electric oven available in the single-chamber or two-chamber version.
Power management is entrusted to Dual-Power Technology TM : for the perfect cooking of pizza and leavened products.

This professional electric oven model is available in five sizes with a single-chamber or two superimposed cooking chamber configuration. Heat is generated via armored resistances and, in the basic version, the ceiling and floor temperatures are electromechanically regulated.

iDeck is the static pizza oven , easy to use, characterized by an excellent quality/price ratio, a rational design and excellent cooking efficiency.

For both versions, all models are made of stainless steel and equipped with a door with a single handrail for an easier grip.
Refractory cooking surface for perfect heat distribution and maximum operating temperature of 450°C (850°F), making iDeck the oven for electric pizza unique in its category, ideal for direct cooking of pizza on the floor or in a pan.
The standard equipment is completed by the door, equipped with tempered glass, for better control of the product during cooking and the internal lighting inserted in a special compartment for greater protection from possible impacts.

All models can be used in countertop mode.
Optional: leavening cell with or without humidifier, support with or without tray holder, hood and ducted hood with steam extraction motor.

iDeck can be purchased in combination with serieF , the Moretti Forni ventilated oven, to obtain a complete cooking station in less than 1m2!

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