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Seasonello® Meat Curing Device 150 KG it is a unique, patented and professional system 100% Made in Italy, dedicated to the production of food “READY TO EAT” to your brand as:

Why choose the Cuomo Method ® ?

  • Professional maturation
  • Control of mold proliferation
  • Weight control
  • Continuous monitoring of parameters
  • Verification and management of the Ph
  • Health and hygiene safety.
EFSA compliant technology

European Food Safety Authority

The Seasonllo® Meat Curing Device is the only system on the market capable of satisfying all the requirements dictated by the EFSA scientific opinion on the correct and safe production of matured meat (DRY-AGE) HUMIDITY, TEMPERATURE, VENTILATION, aW and pH these are all factors that the patented IoT4.0 technology No. EP 2769276B1 manages continuously, guaranteeing safety.

Always included:
  • Integrated pH-metry SYSTEM: integrated intelligent system with safety alarm that analyses, verifies and manages the pH of foods continuously as required by international food safety standards.
  • CIP Cleaning In Place: Automatic and integrated washing system.
  • FUMOTIC ® : System for the management of weight loss, for cold smoking and/or flavouring, patented and certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.
  • HACCP Register: Advanced system for integrated and remotely interconnected HACCP compliant with international food safety standards. Tracking of all values ​​visible directly on the display, remotely or printable.
  • License to use the Meat Maturation Method.
  • IOT 4.0: IoT technology with 4.0 interconnection system that guarantees remote assistance, software updating and remote diagnosis services. Subsidized property compliant with INDUSTRY 4.0 state incentives.
  • CLIMATE RECIPE BOOK: pre-set operating procedures compliant with international food safety standards, or customizable in the my recipes section
  • AHU Food air handling unit; system integrated in the climatic chamber entirely made of Aisi 304 stainless steel (no polystyrene)
  • All internal/external parts in contact with food in AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Professional condensing unit (No Monobloc)
  • Stainless steel door with large double glazing
  • Internal LED lighting with automatic switch-on
  • Loading water from tank and provision for water mains
  • Loading aroma from canister
  • Anti-limescale filter
  • Water drain into tray and provision for direct drain
  • CE and MOCA compliant
Standard setup
  • N.05 Grids
  • N.05 Driving pairs
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